Starlings Murmuration

Starlings Murmuration is an original dance piece choreographed by Emily Kessler.

The music for Starlings Murmuration, titled Mercury, was written in collaboration with Hannah Thompson. Section I is an algorithmic electronic piece made up of several layers indeterminately cycling through melodic patterns. Sections II - IV were developed through a series of improvisations on prepared guitar.

“Starlings Murmuration follows the interactions of a group. The dancers mill and swarm, fixating on a central person or point of movement. They rely on each other to become bigger than themselves, but at times stray from the flock - either to return and appreciate their community even more, or to express their individual spirit.“ - Emily Kessler

Premiere: Dance Theatre Lab, Purchase, NY (2017)

Other Performances:

Austin Dance Festival, Austin, Texas (2018)

CreativeMes Dance Festival, Mount Vernon (2018)

Eric Shekerjian: Production, Programming , Prepared Guitar

Hannah Thompson: Co-Producer, Vocals

Tom Forletti: Double Bass