Allemande Left

Written by Eric Shekerjian, the music for Allemande Left was commissioned for an original dance piece choreographed by Emily Kessler. Allemande Left is a readaptation of what was originally performed as For Sol.

Inspired by Sol Lewitt, the music and dance explore the nuances of simple gestural phrases through the use of repetition; creating patterns for the development and deconstruction of fractals.

“Allemande Left dissects Sol Lewitt's early wall drawings and translates them into dancescape. The work is primarily inspired by the contents and instructions of "Wall Drawing #146", where five types of line are arranged sequentially on one another, splayed into grand space. A rumination and extrapolation of a methodical structure, "Allemande Left" takes five dancers through a maze of their own making.“ - Emily Kessler

Premiere: Allemande Left: Triskelion Arts, Muriel Theater (2019)

Other Performances: For Sol: Dixon Place, Manhattan, NY (2018)